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Network Performance Management

Network performance management can be used for network monitoring, network analysis and troubleshooting, dependency mapping, IT consolidation and security. It alerts users to problems before end-users are impacted, so they can respond to IT performance problems faster and easier, aiming at higher application performance, improved employee productivity, and reduced operational costs.

Cosmos Tech offers complete solutions to optimize networks and gain visibility into top network challenges. During WAN optimization projects, we can analyze what's on the network to discover optimization candidates, quantify optimization benefits, size the deployment and plan for future growth.

Cosmos Technology comprehensive solutions:

  • Provide a fully integrated network monitoring and acceleration solution.
  • Discover servers, network paths, applications, and users across the IT infrastructure and analyze dependencies.
  • Identify assets and applications, understand usage, identify bandwidth utilization by application, and forecast capacity needs.
  • Provide business-level information to help customers avoid costly security and performance events.
  • Report on application response time and network latency across optimized and non-optimized environments.

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