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We Increase the conversion ratio for every  keyword , tracking and eliminating the low performing keywords , succeeding in this way to reduce our  marketing  strategy.We succeed this according to the following procedures :

Keyword Research

Giving  priority to  the research of  the keyword phrases , their performance , we allows us to uncover vital statistics on search trends that increases the overall ROI of each campaign.

This allows us to identify high performing words to add to your campaign.

Testing Ad copy

Our expertise team creates multiple variations of high converting ad copy for each campaign.

Adopting a testing process our marketing team identifies the best performing titles and descriptions for each keyword set.

 Changes in title and description can dramatically affect the click through and conversion rates.

Creating Proffessional Landing pages

We can create landing pages  that are specific to each keyword set , having them  to focus around the conversion of the sale  and capturing key  informatuion about the prospect.

The emails that are captured are placed into an autoresponder and newsletter campaign.


Determining Biding Strategy

Using  biding strategies we  customize each keyword set by search engine for direct and indirect search. This is has as a result to allow us to lower your effective cost-per-click while maintaining your bid rank.



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