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Structured Cabling


Our Company provides consulting services and conducts studies to businesses to assist in strategic planning systems, aiming at increasing productivity and full guarantee of proper operation.

The advisory services are offered either as a standalone service or as part of a comprehensive solution:

Implementation Services: a) Quality control of equipment and key parts of the offered solution prior to delivery, b) installing systems certification, c) migration from any old system and d) technical quality control solution based on design specifications for implementation.

Support Services: a) Preventive maintenance, b) reconstructive technical support, c) warranty service and d) Extensions – Modifications.

Imprint Services Surface & Subsurface: a) recording structural characteristics and fitness road, b) archaeological survey of structures, c) recording reinforcement beams of pillars and the foundation, d) topographic mapping, e) inventory of infrastructure networks (telephone, electricity, water etc.), f) creating a Bank Information and g) production of thematic maps.


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