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Welcome to Cosmos Technology Solutions Ltd Strategic Network communications - Advertising and Strategic Development Firm.From this page you can access all of our web-based information that is relevant to you.Our primary Distinguishing features include :The benefit of innovation solutions ,  the use of high tech -pioneering means , the high level of professionalism , the strong commitment to excellence . 


About us

Cosmos Technology Solutions Ltd operates in Balkans Market from 2016.While open to opportunities wherever they can be found, Cosmos Technology Solutions Ltd focuses on sectors in which it has demonstrated expertise: Strategic Marketing, Financial, Advertising ,Operations and Information System services to institutional clients and private clients in Greek and Cyprus Market

Purpose/Mission/Core Values


Purpose :

To provide excellent services and create value

Mission :

Being the Best and bringing the best to you is our relentless pursuit.....

Iinspire the confidence and loyalty of our investors

Demonstrate principled industry leadership

Generate superior services

Core Values :



We take great pride in the tradition of integrity that we have developed over more than 15 years.

Our Spirit

We are dedicated to offering our clients independent, trusted and unbiased advice. We limit our participation in conflicting business activities. 


We endeavor to deliver service of exceptional quality to our clients, custom-tailored to their unique needs.


We take a client-oriented perspective attuned to their personal needs. We emphasize a long-term approach to client relationships.


History with no future is just history. History with a future represents heritage.

Today we combine culture , professionalism and quality services with cutting edge high technology.

The power to change has always characterised , where Leadership is not considered an inheritance but a continuous challenge and where flexibility in thinking and in services are prerequisites


We are deeply aware of the importance of our conduct to business partners, clients and the public at large. Above all, we must earn and maintain their trust in all our daily endeavors. 



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