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Web Security


While Web security threats are seemingly endless and existing AV solutions can effectively protect against known threats, only a real-time web defence can block threats from dynamic web links.

  Web Security solutions our Company offers : combine web filtering and DLP solutions with a cloud-based community web defence that unites millions of users and analyzes real-time ratings of dynamic links and unrated content.

Our solutions help customers: a) eliminate the need to manually distribute security updates, b) deliver an always-on, always-current defence to protect mobile users and small branch offices, c) mitigate threats, help preserve productivity and reduce the risk of data loss and d) detect and block potential data leaks quickly and accurately, all while achieving industry and regulatory compliance. At the same time, allow administrators to instantly report on web activity by user, group or across the organization. Organizations of any size can leverage the rich, enterprise-level reporting features of the Web Security Module, including dashboards, drill-down, and custom reports.